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X10 Barking Dog - Troubleshooting false alarms


My Barking Dog seems to be going off without any obvious heat sources triggering the PIR sensor.
Any ideas what I can do?

Also, what is the High/Low switch on the PIR?


We're sorry to hear you're having problems with your Rex-10 Barking Dog.

There are 2 ways the dog can be activated one is by Radio frequency and the other is by X10 commands through the power cable.

To check whether the outdoor PIR sensor is the problem, we would suggest you remove the batteries from it and see if you still get false alarms.

1> As the PIR sensor is not active, it is possible you have some other piece of equipment which is emitting a RF signal which is setting off the alarm.
You might try plugging it in a different room as far away from its present position and see what result you get.

2> If you still get false alarms, the Barking Dog will operate from batteries, you might like to try running it like this and not plugged in to the mains. If this stops the problem then you have a noisy mains supply which can be sorted out with a filter which we sell.

If 1 & 2 appear OK, then replace the batteries in the PIR sensor, bear in mind that a PIR is detecting movement of a heat source, therefore it is essential that the detector is NOT mounted in direct sunlight or in any reflections, as this will certainly cause false alarms.

Lastly you can try setting the Dog Alarm to a different house code. On the back of the alarm there's a small dial with letters around it. It should be set to 'A' try setting it on a different setting. If this cures the problem you will need to set the PIR sensor dial to the same letter.

The 'low' switch is a sensitivity switch for the Dawn/Dusk setting and should not affect normal operation.

This article was published on Friday 26 May, 2006.
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