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e-Zine Issue 1 - Dawn/Dusk and Discounts! by UK Automation

Hello and welcome to the 1st issue of the UK Automation e-zine, a bi-monthly newsletter that contains useful home automation guides and tips, product news and exclusive discounts.

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In this issue:

Light up the night - Dusk/Dawn control for X10
Big savings - UK Automation discount coupons!

Light up the night - Controlling X10 devices to come on at night

X10 is a really simple way to automate devices and lighting around the home. Its plug and play nature makes it popular with people who are starting out with home automation, and there is a large range of modules available to enable creation of complex automation scenarios.

Controlling lighting to come on and off based on light level is a task that many people would like to achieve, but are unsure of how to accomplish this without using a computer/complex macro programs.

The EagleEye motion detector (MS13E) is, as the name suggests, a motion detector. However, it also contains a dawn/dusk sensor, which measures the ambient light levels and sends an X10 signal when sunset and sunrise are detected. This is an ideal solution for dawn/dusk control if you already have an EagleEye detector in your X10 setup. The problem is that if you don't have an EagleEye, and have no need for motion detection, then it seems like a bit of an overkill solution.

Don't panic though, there is another answer. The X10 dawn/dusk controller (or Sundowner, as it's sometimes known) is an X10 switchbox with a built in light sensor. The unit is similar to an X10 mini controller in that it offers you a set of 4 on/off switches, brighten, dim, 'all lights on' and 'all lights off' control of X10 modules.
It also features an array of switches on its rear side. These switches allow you to select which X10 devices get switched on and off when the light levels change. Finally, it offers a sensitivity control so that you can fine-tune the level of light that causes the unit to trigger.

Just think, you could place an X10 dawn/dusk controller by the side of your bed and switch all the house lights off from your bedside. If you have X10 control of your curtains, they can be automatically closed when it gets dark.

The X10 dawn/dusk controller costs �21.15 and can be found at:

Big Savings - Discount codes for the shop

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The UK Automation Team

This article was published on Friday 13 October, 2006.
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