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Opus Octopus - Project Help


Please can you help me with my project...

The basic idea is to have 6 zone controlled independently, with 5 of the zones having a two ceiling speakers speaker system and the 6th zone to have 6 ceiling speakers. Ideally, each of the zones should have the ability to select either cd or dab radio to listen to and control the volume.

My understanding is that we need your system maybe enlarged to 2 master controls. What I am not clear on is if I can use my CD/DAB mini system and just wire that in on the master unit or if we need extra amps and if so how many?


The Opus Octopus system would do everything that you need, except the requirement of 6 speakers in the 6th zone (unless your electrician can find a way to wire the 6 speakers so that the load is 4 ohms per channel on the keypad amplifier).
I would suggest that you went for 5 zones with two ceiling speakers, and had four speakers in the 6th zone. You could accomplish this by having a pair of speakers amplified from the wall keypad, and having a pair of active speakers running from the sub-zone of zone 6, giving you 2 stereo pairs of speakers with independent volume control.

You are correct in your assumption that you would need 2 master control units to accomplish this. Your CD/DAB mini system would be connectible into the system if it has a line level (pre-amp) output, or if the items are hi-fi separates (as these always usually have pre-amp outputs). You can connect and control up to 6 sources into the system using standard phono cables, which could include items such as a tuner, CD player, MP3 jukebox, PC, MiniDisc player, etc.

If you went for the system I mentioned above, you would need the following parts:

2 x MCU300

2 x Opus Power Supplies

6 x Opus Keypads (White or Stainless steel)

6 x Opus Octopus In Ceiling Speakers

1 x Opus Octopus Active Speakers

1 x 305m CAT-5 Cable

You would also probably want a few 'learning' remotes, as your source equipment can be controlled in each room you're listening to audio in, either via the original remote control that comes with your CD player, or by training a learning remote control and using that.
We sell the Logitech Harmony 525, which is an excellent choice, or the more expensive (but Opus specific) Opus Learning Remote.

Harmony Remote:

Opus Remote:

For the total system, depending on if you chose white or stainless steel keypads (the price is slightly different), you'd be looking at a cost of approx. �2,500

This article was published on Wednesday 01 February, 2006.
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