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Product Comparison: X10 Appliance Module 2G VS X10 RF Receiver 2G

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Product X10 Appliance Module 2GX10 RF Receiver 2G
Image X10 Appliance Module - 2GX10 RF Receiver - 2G
Price £28.50£25.99
Brand X10X10
Availability N/AN/A
Rating [3]
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Read Reviews
Summary Overview Features Latest 2nd generation X10 modules with built in noise filter and improved signal sensitivity On/Off function by remote control of appliances like audio/video equipment, fans et...Overview When used in conjunction with X10 Remote Control or EagleEye Motion Detector, the RF Receiver converts signals from these devices to the X-10 Protocol on the mains. All connected X-10 Module...
Other N/AN/A