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Marmitek X10 DIN Rail Filter/Coupler

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  • When installed at the breaker panel/fuse box, attenuates X10 signal from entering or leaving an installation.
  • Couples X10 signals across phases in multi-phase installations.
  • Rated at 230V AC 63A.

The transmission of high frequency signals via the mains network (such as those used to carry X10) can be affected by active or passive interference. When used correctly, the filter/phase coupler will extensively suppress these interferences.

Typical active interference sources are appliances that do not dispose of a regular interference suppression according to the norms, as well as wireless intercomm systems which use mains borne signaling, as they transmit high frequency signal as interference into the mains network. These disturbances are usually carried into the house network from the outside. eg. From neighbours or industrial installations. They are suppressed by the filter/coupler. Remaining interferences generated within the house network are without significance as the special dynamic filtering techniques of the X10 system ensure undisturbed performance.

The Marmitek DIN rail filter unit also includes the ability to couple X10 signals across phases. For installation with three phases, use three Marmitek FD10 filters and couples the filters by connecting their terminals K to the next phase respectively.


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Dimensions: Length 80, Width 35, Height 65 mm

Supply Voltage

Supply voltage: 230V +10%/-15% 50Hz
Maximum current: 63A
Filter centre freq: 120KHz
Filter bandwidth: 5KHz min. (3dB points)
Forward attenuation: 20dB min. at zero current 15dB min. at 63A
Reverse attenuation: 15dB min.
EMC emission: According to EN50081-1
EMC immunity: According to EN50082-1
Electrical safety: According to EN60950 and EN60065
Forward input imp: 20 Ohms min. at 120KHz
Coupling loss: 2dB max. at 120KHz
Connections: Screw type terminals for phase (supply), phase (house), neutral, coupling
Ambient temperature: -10C to +40C (operation) -20C to +70C (storage)
This product is CE approved for use in the EU

How to Install

In stock ready to dispatch
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The module must be installed by a qualified electrician!
The FD10 Phase Couplers/Filters can be placed directly after the main switch of the installation. In order to connect the FD10 properly, phase (L) and null (N) must be available. If multiple Filters are used in a multiple phase system, the Couplers/Filters must be connected to each other via a single wire connection.

The installation diagram shows how the FD10 phase coupler has to be installed: in between the current remaining mains switch for the electrical system and the fuses for the separate groups. Simply click the FD10 onto the DIN rail. Connect the cables as follows:
Phase input to (L )
Null to (N)
Phase output to (L )
Use additional Phase Couplers/Filters for installations with more than 1 phase. For the complete coupling of three phases you will need three FD10 Phase Couplers/Filters. Connect the filters by connecting connector K to the following phase (see figure). For this, a 1.5 mm≤ shift cable can be used.

Attention: If micro modules are used that can only generate an X-10 PLC signal at 0 and 180 degrees (such as the LWM1, TMA4, TMD4 and AWM2), you will only be able to use the Phase Couplers/Filters as a filter. In order to couple the phases a CAT3000 will be required.


Christian Emerich - 02/10/2010 

The Coupler is working realy good. No Problems in delivery. Thanks for the fast delivery.

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Customer reviews

  • Christian Emerich - Submitted on: 02/10/2010

    The Coupler is working realy good. No Problems in delivery. Thanks for the fast delivery.

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