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X10 REX-10 Barking Dog Alarm System

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As Recommended by Channel Five's 'The Gadget Show'

The X10 Rex-10 Barking Dog Alarm System

House burglaries are on the increase fuelled by a credit crunch crime wave. Recommended as one of the Gadget Show's top 5 security gadgets (Watch the video!), the X10 Rex-10 Barking Dog Alarm System is the ultimate home burglar deterrent, emiting a digital dog barking noise when it senses an intruder approaching.

This barking dog alarm is ideal for detering unwanted intruders from unoccupied buildings, warehouses, sheds and outbuildings.


  • Automatically activates a high quality digital recording of a dog barking when the outdoor PIR senses movement from an approaching intruder.
  • Automatically stops after 4minutes if motion detector is not activated again and then resets system.
  • Automatically turns on a light a few seconds after barking starts (with X10 Lamp Module not included) to increase realism.
  • Automatically turns on one or more lights at dusk and turns them off again at dawn.
  • Compatible with the full range of X10 home automation products including Home Automation remotes.
  • PIR also works with X10 transceivers and security systems.
  • Stand alone system no other items required unless you want lights activated


The Police rate sound and light as the two best intruder deterrents. Barking Dog is an innovative and yet attractively simple product that provides both - it barks when an intruder approaches and switches on lights a few seconds later, just as the owner would if he were there. It also turns lamps on at dusk and off at dawn while the owner is away.

Conventional burglar alarm systems are very effective; but, they do have one drawback: the intruder has already forced the door or entered the home by the time the alarm is triggered. What is really needed is a system that can protect the home before the burglar breaks in - a first line of defence.

The solution is man's best friend. No one complains about the occasional barking of a dog from inside the house, but it is a highly effective deterrent when someone approaches the door, especially when lights turn on as 'the owner comes to investigate'.

A weatherproof infrared motion detector discretely mounted above the front door detects an approaching person and sends a radio message to trigger the base unit. The powerful integrated loudspeaker plays back a high quality digital recording of a barking dog. In the next few seconds a light comes on in the hallway and the effect is complete - a convincing demonstration that this is one home that should be left alone.

Additionally, at night, a light sensor built into the motion detector automatically triggers the base unit to turn on other lights in the home - a well proven intruder deterrent. You can even control the lights yourself using an X10 wireless remote.


The Outdoor PIR Motion Detector can also be used with other X10 security systems or transceiver modules to turn lights on at dusk and when someone approaches.

What's included

Amplified Speaker Unit
  • Push button on/off switch at back of unit
  • Rotary code wheel at back of unit to set X10 House Code
  • Rotary volume control
  • AC 220V/50Hz power supply unit
  • Optional facility to power from 9 x 'C' batteries in case of mains power failure

External PIR Unit

  • Weatherproof wireless PIR unit with vertical adjustment
  • Requires 4 x 'AA' batteries (not included) to operate.
    No hard wiring required

Adding additional sensors

Additional PIR sensors can be added in the form of the EagleEye Motion Detector (MS13E2).
You can also use any device or module that can send an X10 signal to trigger/disarm the dog.


Customer reviews

  • A. Giarratana - Submitted on: 02/04/2010

    Follow up to my review. I mentioned problems with the motion sensor with regards to false alarms. This is caused by a combination of natural sunlight and reflective surfaces. Re positioning in several locations including shaded areas did not cure this. I have managed to find a compromise that may be useful to anyone who experiences similar problems. 1) Remove the backup batteries. 2) Plug your Rex 10 into a 24 hour timer. 3) Set the timer to run the Rex 10 from dusk to dawn. 4) Remember to reactivate the rex 10 from the button on the back of the unit, as the timer will switch the mains supply off and on but not reset your rex 10 to the active status, the following evening. By doing the above you have a very reliable nocturnal gaurd dog. I have found the motion sensor is very reliable at night and to date has never given false alarms during the hours of darkness. Personally I can live with this because I feel that most intruders are likely to attempt entering your property under the cover of darkness. I am pleased with the results and feel its a fair compromise between reliability and a part time deterent all be it during the night, rather than daytime, and avoids those annoying false alarms which could annoy neighbours.

  • A. Giarratana. - Submitted on: 01/04/2010

    At first I was impressed, ok it does sound a bit mechanical if your stood next to the unit, however from outside the property its a believable version of a big dog barking. The only let down is the motion sensor. You have no facility for setting its sensitivity, and in my opinion thats a must for outdoor use. The unit tends to activate false alarm conditions when the sun goes in and out between clouds. Several locations have been attempted without success. Its a shame the motion sensor which is on the bulky side lets an otherwise good product down. Would I recommend it ?? If the motion sensor was more reliable, yes.

  • Maureen Vernon - Submitted on: 31/03/2010

    I bought this product for my house in Spain and although I haven't yet set it up there yet, we did try it out here at home in England and it seems fab. Just the job. The dog sounds very realistic and I particularly like the fact that it doesn't repeat the same bark pattern over and over but has differing bark patterns. I'm sure it will be very effective in Spain.

  • Ian Evans - Submitted on: 31/03/2010

    The idea is good, however, the product is let down by a very poor quality dog recording consisting of a \'hum\' or distortion between barks that increases with volume and is very noticeable. Had the first unit replaced because of this - the replacement unit is exactly the same. Would expect a lot better from a so called \'digital\' recording.

  • GERALD GLOVER - Submitted on: 27/03/2010

    Gives too many false alarms & doesn\'t sound realistic. There is a speaker rattle and a kind of mechanical echo that gives the game away.

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