ULTI is a Clipsal concept newly launched in 2003. ULTI, The Ultimate Switch, unveils its state-of-the-art lighting control and electrical automation scheme for residential, hotel and office use. Its sophisticated design, operational simplicity and flexibility to control electrical devices make ULTI the most versatile system available in the market. ULTI caters for homeowners who are seeking enhancement of home design and businesses looking to set up an efficient yet user-friendly executive office with those vital and demanding commercial applications.

ULTI's QuickFit design allows easy installation without any complex re-wiring. It uses RF wireless technology to control over lighting modes as well as other electrical appliances in one simple system that can be programmed and used at ease.

ULTI offers comprehensive technical support and excellent customer services through its dedicated sales and support teams located in Hong Kong (Asian Headquarters), Malaysia and major cities in China.

Our continual development in technical innovation and expertise in lighting management will set a trend in the market and put us in a leadership position in revolutionizing the use of lighting system.