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Merlin-Garage-RemoteThere have been numerous launches recently regarding smart home automation and a debate is rising about whether or not it is now possible to DIY or whether it’s necessary to have someone do it for you. The ideal scenario is coming home to a house that is ready for you. Your choice of music greets you at the door, a door whose security locks have just been disabled by you in the garage, whose doors opened automatically to allow your car in. The lights in the room have been dimmed and the food in the oven, which you turned on over an hour ago when you left the office, is smelling sumptuous!

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Of course you can control all of this by remote control, touch screen panels, smartphones and computers. To link them all together requires a bit of work, or you can get an installer in to do it, but this can be done by yourself if you are prepared to read up and research what is needed.

The DIY market has become easier over the past year with the improvements in wireless technologies, new product launches and a wealth of apps and smart phones geared towards the home automation industry. The new smart home systems are being designed to appeal to people with smaller homes and far more importantly, smaller budgets. This means that it initially won’t cost you a fortune to automate your home.

The success of the new family of gadgets on the market today is their simplicity of use. It really isn’t too hard to install a system that turns off lights and activates motion sensors at entry level. Then once the basics are conquered, as with anything else, more complex installations can be attempted.

On the Market

Take the X10 range for example: X10 home automation can be used to control basically any home electrical equipment from lighting to garage doors. And being a plug and play system, it doesn’t require any additional wiring to make it work, simply sending its control signals through the existing wires of the electrical system.

Russound 4 Source 4 Zone Multiroom Audio System

Russound 4 Source 4 Zone Multiroom Audio System

One area that is taking off is smart TVs. Smart TVs are internet enabled and can use your home broadband connection to access online entertainment, video clips etc., all operated from your remote control. Even better, check out new models from leading manufacturers that operate using your spoken command or the wave of a hand. Currently trending are surround sound systems: Russound has an excellent range.

You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to take advantage of the innovations within the home automation market. You can however, listen to those who know. UK-Automation is one of the leading suppliers of multi-room audio and video (AV) solutions, energy saving devices, wireless sockets, lighting controls and home security systems, which are affordable and easy to install.

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