Home Automation Trends Part 3 of 7 – The Impact of the Featurephone


Marmitek CM15 Pro

The Marmitek CM15Pro computer interface and transceiver offers the user improved control of their X10 modules - Can be used with your iPhone or smart phone to control your X10 devices when your away from your home

Mobile phones have actually made automation a simpler procedure that permits users immediate command.

Even Google is experimenting with the suggestion of home automation according to the system setup files for the Android OS.  Google’s Android @Home principle may still be revived in the future.

There are already apps and various other programs that could make automating a home a workable idea.  For instance, open doors remotely or alter the thermostat remotely.  All of these processes could be controlled by individuals with mobile phones or computer systems and do not have a difficult learning curve.

The Automation Push from the Young

Youngsters are also driving the need for budget friendly home automation, as Insteon’s Isaac Sanz thanks that .- They are used to being linked. They have social media on a smartphone that keeps them in touch with friends, so why not have your home on the mobile phone as well? A lot of individuals have grown up around this.

The Impact on Automation Product Development

Some home automation firms have quit entirely on creating system specific touchscreen remote controls, since so many people already have touchscreens with their feature phone and tablets and windows 8 computers. In addition, the manufacturers that still make devoted touchscreens are placing more and more focus on integrating iOS and Android tools.

The Impact on the Price of Automation

Frost & Sullivan, a leading market research firm, say that the key factor influencing home automation prices is the use of tablet computers.  This has significantly reduced the cost of the total system, particularly at the luxury end of the market.

Extra Features introduced by the Featurephone

Marmitek X10 SC9000 Telephone Dialler with Digimax Support - Wireless security system - with built-in voice dialler and X10 controller. X10 controller which allows you to control your X10 devices remotely by phone

One thing that featurephones and internet connected tablets allow that proprietary touchscreen remotes couldn’t is mobile access to the automation systems within the home. With today’s home automation systems, you can launch an application on your phone when you’re leaving work or from an airport, restaurant etc and turn on lights, the house amusement system, activate the safety system and even combinations of these things with one button-tap.


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