Home Automation Trends Part 6 of 7 - Security

The Demand for Remote Security Systems

Many people are interested in home security that provides home automation with and internet access. The lead group are busy families, regular travelers, holiday vacation home owners, and those with fast moving lives to check the current state of their house, secure a door, or manage the alarm system from anywhere in the world.

Security Controls


Marmitek TotalGuard

Protecting your home and its contents is vitally important to the protection of your family. Correctly positioned exterior lights and good locking systems can help reduce your odds of being burgled - but unfortunately, an experienced thief can usually pick all locks within a minute. As a result, most security specialists suggest investing in a home alarm system - preferably one that is monitored by a 24/7 external service.

Affordability of Security Systems


Marmitek Electric Door Lock

What once was considered a luxury only the wealthy could afford, home automation and interactive services have now become a common offering among providers of residential security systems.

“Home automation has become much more mainstream in the security channel,” said Brian Leland of Interlogix.  “Consumers are looking for something that takes care of their home.”

Capability of Modern Security Systems

CCTV Camera, Security Light and DVR - All in One

CCTV Camera, Security Light and DVR - All in One

Systems now exist which can monitor your location and remind you to set security measures when you travel more than a set distance from home.  Some of these will even automatically set security when you travel further than a set distance from your home and / or automatically deactivate them when you return.

Security systems can have cellular, broadband, Wi-Fi, Z-Wave or Bluetooth capability.  Some security controllers provide integration with remote services, enabling users to tie security together with other technology devices in the home, such as Z-Wave-enabled lights, thermostats, locks and curtains.

If a security system locks your doors, it can turn off a [Z-Wave enabled power] outlet so you never have to worry about leaving the iron on. Did you lock the door? Did you turn everything off?



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