Should you buy a 4K TV?

stick_figure_selling_tvs_5981If you are under 18 then your birthday present list will presumably consist of video games, consoles and DVDs, but if you are a grown-up with an interest in home automation, then the latest range of 4k televisions may well be worth a browse.

What Is an Ultra HD TV?

We are all aware of HDTVs which have a 1080p resolution. Loosely translated, this means there are 1,080 pixels vertically and 1,920 pixels horizontally and together these create the picture you are watching. The new era of 4K or Ultra HD televisions utilise resolution display of at least eight million active pixels. This means a minimum of 2,160 vertically and 3,840 horizontally in a 16:9 aspect ratio.

As an option, but not coming as standard, there is a greater potential colour space called rec. 2020.

What are the benefits? A 4K display shows a lot more detail with higher resolution images and you can watch a much bigger screen comfortably without any break-up of picture. This is why currently all available 4K Ultra HD TVs are manufactured in excess of 50 inches.

Indeed, currently in the UK, a working group chaired by the BBC and BSkyB are constantly checking higher frame rates, greater contrast and a wider colour spectrum which indicates that 4K unlike 3D is a very viable innovation. So far Sony has released a selection of 4K branded Blu-rays. As of April this year, Netflix became the first big name to deliver 4K content streamed automatically to those with a 4K channel. In fact, watch out 8K in the future: trials have been conducted, and NHK is aiming to shoot and transmit the 2020 Tokyo Olympics in the 8K format.

Best Buys

So far it seems that Sony is more animated about 4K technology so it stands to reason that these TVs are currently heralded as the best on the market. The Sony KD-65X9005B and the Sony KD65X9005BBU 65 4K Ultra HD 3D Smart LED TV with Freeview HD are expensive at the moment, but expected to fall in price. Samsung UE65HU8500 curvd TV is heralded as “the sexiest 4K TV currently available” ( 65 inches of curved screen with connections including HDMI 2.0 ports and support for the new H.265 4K video codec that is being used by Netflix.

Panasonic is not being left behind: the company has brought out the TX-50AX802 and the Panasonic TX50AX802B 50 4K Ultra HD 3D Smart LED TV 2000Hz Freeview HD to keep up with competitors. Finally the Toshiba 58L9363 is the cheapest Ultra HD TV in the UK.

Although the good news is that these TVs can be installed without the use of any extra equipment (just make sure that you have an HDMI version 2.0 input), 4K technology is evolving fast and soon there will be the opportunity to link up your TV with the rest of your home automation systems. You can be assured that any connections or advice can be obtained by visiting UK-Automation ( so get your home prepared for the future of 4K technology.

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