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Problems changing unit code

I have just purchased 2 LW12 In Wall Modules and a CM15. I have installed one module in the Cloakroom and One in the Kitchen. They are are not wired to any switches. They just sit behind a blanking plate. I would like to control them both using a KR22 wireless remote. I would like the codes to be A1 for the Kitchen and A2 for the Cloakroom. A1 is the easy part but i am having problems changing the other one to A2. Somehow i managed to change it to A3 but i have no idea how. When i load Activehome, i can turn the light on and off using a module with the code A3. The remote also turns the light on/off using the A3 buttons. Can someone pls help me in idiot terms!! change the Unit code of the LW12 to A2?
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To set the LW12 with a X10 remote control, firstly make sure you have a suitable light bulb in the circuit connected to the LW12. Now send ON then OFF codes to the LW12 (in your case send A3 ON then A3 OFF) with no more than 1.5 seconds between these state changes. After changing state 5 times the LW12 will go into programming mode, you will know when it has done this because it will no longer respond to the ON/OFF commands. Now send an 'ON' command TWICE to the LW12 using the code you want it to respond to, so if you want it to work with 'A5' then send an A5 'ON' twice to the LW12. Then leave the LW12 for 1 mnute and it will automatically exit programming mode. It should now respond to the code you have set.
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