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Controlling the SC9000 via the EasyTouchPanel10

When you possess a SC9000 alarm console you can also control your system with the EasyTouch Panel10. The following buttons can be added to the touchscreen: FULL ARM, HOME ARM, DISARM, PANIC. Of course you should not visualize these buttons on the background of your panel. They should be on a 'secret' spot, only known by you and people who have access to your home. On the fold out diagram in the user manual you can find the structure to program the buttons on your EasyTouchPanel10. After programming the buttons you can follow the procedure 'Registering the Key Chain Remote Control' in the user manual of your SC9000. When the SC9000 asks to press a button of the key chain remote control, you can press on one of the buttons (FULL ARM, HOME ARM, DISARM of PANIC) on your EasyTouchPanel10. You will hear a beep for confirmation. On the display of your SC9000 the text "RMOT X SET" will appear. You only have to execute this procedure once. You don't have to program each button separately.