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LED and Energy efficient lights with Marmitek X10 modules

The electronic specialist knows that dimming LED and energy-efficient light bulbs is not always as easy as it may sound. Nevertheless, Marmitek dim modules can be used to operate these energy-efficient lighting solutions. Developments in LED and energy-efficient light bulbs are currently moving very fast.

Energy-efficient bulbs

Energy-efficient light bulbs which can be dimmed using a conventional dimmer are currently on the market. For example, Govena, Megaman, Philips and Sylvania. These can all be used in combination with all Marmitek X-10 dim modules, apart from the LW12 Micromodule

LED lights

Huge developments are underway in relation to LED lighting. The cold colours are getting warmer, the light output is improving and, more recently, dimmable LED lights have been introduced, just like the new energy-efficient dimmable bulbs. For example, Philips or LEDzworld. The energy-efficient X-10 dimmers and switches from Marmitek, with the exception of the LW12, are ideal for using with these lights of the future.