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Opus 300 How does it wire up?

Question about: Opus 300 - Complete 4 Zone Audio System - White

After taking a look at the above product i am considering installing this item in a house renovation project, do you actually have any proper wiring installation guides showing what goes were and could you please advise me how the module connects to the input devices ie; tuner or CD player for the purpose of using a remote control from each room to access the devices functions.


Have a look at the Opus User Guide which explains a few things about how the keypads work and how the source equipment is connected. Also, have a read of the installation guide which explains pretty much everything else about how the system connects up.
However, to give you a decent overview, this is how the system works (and is wired):


1. You choose a room where you wish to house your master control unit (MCU), your source equipment (CD player, etc) and your power supply

2. You decide which rooms will have the Opus system installed. In these rooms, plan where you will place your speakers. Each room will have a pair of stereo ceiling speakers, and an Opus keypad.

3. Run a length of CAT-5 cable from the positions of the keypads in each room back to the MCU room (step 1)

4. Wire 2 lengths of speaker cable (1 for each speaker) from the back box of the keypad to the positions where you will place the speakers in the ceiling

5. Connect the CAT-5 cable to the back of the Opus Keypad using the punch downs provided

6. Connect the speaker cables to the back of the Opus Keypad using the screw terminals

7. Connect the other end of the speaker cables to the speakers

8. Terminate the end of your CAT-5 cable with an RJ-45 (network) plug, and plug each zone's cable into it's corresponding socket on the MCU

9. Connect your source equipment into the Audio In sockets of the MCU using phono->phono leads

10. Connect IR emitters from the MCU's emitter outputs to the front IR receiver on each item of source equipment

11. Connect power to the MCU, which provides power and audio to the keypads

The IR pass through is routed. This means that if you're listening to source 1 (cd player) in the bedroom and point an infra-red remote at the keypad, the signal your remote sends will be sent directly to the IR receiver on the cd player. This allows you to use your device remote controls in any room, although it's usually preferable to have a few 'learning' remotes that you can program up with all your devices and leave in the zones.