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X10 Whole House Filter/Coupler

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  • When installed at the consumer unit breaker panel or fuse box, prevents X10 signals from entering or leaving the installation.
  • Couples X10 signals across phases.
  • Rated at 230V AC 200A.

The signal transmission of high frequency pulses via the mains network can be affected by active or passive interferences. When used correctly, the filter/phase coupler will extensively suppress these interferences.

Typical active interference sources are appliances that do not dispose of a regular interference suppression according to the norms, as well as wireless intercomm systems which use mains borne signaling, as they transmit high frequency signal as interference into the mains network. These disturbances are usually carried into the house network from the outside. e.g. From neighbours or industrial installations. They are suppressed by the filter/coupler. Remaining interferences generated within the house network are without significance as the special dynamic filtering techniques of the X10 system ensure undisturbed performance.

The unit also includes the ability to couple X10 signals across phases.


The signal blocking filter is designed to be installed at the input of the consumer unit breaker panels or fuse boxes. This allows X-10 signals to pass between different wiring circuits, but prevents them from leaving the household and interfering with X-10 equipment in nearby homes.

The filter is installed by passing the household supply neutral cable through the hole in the body of the filter, making sure that the arrow on the label points toward the breaker/fuse box.

Note: In retrofit situations, this will require disconnection of the neutral cable. Since this is on the utility side of the breaker/fuse box, safety and regulatory requirements should be observed.

The neutral screw terminal on the filter should be connected to a suitable connection point in the breaker/fuse box. Each of the phase terminals (L1, L2 and L3) are connected to breakers connected to the respective phases in the breaker/fuse box. These wires carry minimal current in operation (a few milliamps).

If only one phase connection is required, filter performance will be improved by connecting all three filter terminals (L1, L2 and L3) in parallel.


Length 72mm, Width 76mm, Height 52mm.

Supply Voltage

Supply voltage: 230V +10%/-15% 50Hz
Maximum current: 200A
Filter centre freq: 120KHz
Filter bandwidth: 5KHz min. (3dB points)
EMC emission: According to EN50081-1
EMC immunity: According to EN50082-1
Electrical safety: According to EN60950 and EN60065
This product is CE approved for use in the EU

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