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Marmitek X10 Two Wire Two Load Lamp Dimmer Micro Module LMM22

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Product Description

The Marmitek X10 Two Wire Two Load Lamp Dimmer Micro Module LMM21 is an extremely small X10 module (43.25mm x 47 mm x 21mm) which can be fitted behind an existing double wall switch to control 2 sets of lights. The lights connected to the MicroModule can be controlled by a X10 signal or by the double (2 gang) switch in the normal way. The benefit of this Micromodule is that it only requires 2 wires to each side of the switch and it can be connected to a normal double light switch.


  • Suitable for 230V standard bulbs and (Eco) halogen lighting.
  • Remote control via the mains using Marmitek X-10 Commands and with one or more standard or momentary switches. 
  • Switches and dims lighting circuits up to 400W. 
  • Can be used in combination with ‘designer’ switching material. 
  • Soft start and smooth dimming features, remembers the last dim setting. 
  • Makes your X-10 system invisible.
  • No extra wires required for installation, works with a 2 wire switch.
  • Dimmer (60W - 400W).
  • Can be regulated from 0% lighting to the desired dim setting.
  • Transforms your existing switch into a X-10 controllable switch.
  • Transforms a double momentary action switch or standard double light switch into an X-10 controllable switch.
  • Control 2 independant loads
  • The module is not suitable for dimming and controlling low energy light bulbs and tube lighting. An Appliance module AMM32 should be used for these devices

Technical Data

Supply voltage: 230VAC +10% -10% 50 Hz
Power Consumption: < 1W
Making capacity: 60W/230V to 400W/230V for
incandescent lamps and Eco halogen
Control Load QTY: Two
Dimmable: Yes
Signal sensitivity: Better than 25 mVpp at 120 kHz
X-10 Key codes to respond to: All units Off, All Lights On, On, Off,
DIM, BRIGHT, Extended Dim
Input switch: 1- way standard rocker switch, 1-way
momentary switch (normally open
Connections: Wire for a standard rocker switch or
momentary switch and connecting
clamps for phase and switched
Control lines Not more than 1 meter between the
micro module and the switch
Ambient temperature: -10°C tot +50°C (Operation)
Dimensions: 43.25mm x 47mm x 21mm

Further Information

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