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The RFXCOM USB RFXtrx433 supports the largest number of 433.92MHz RF Home Automation sensors and devices available on the market. The RFXtrx433 is already supported by many popular Home Automation applications and the list is growing rapidly. For application builders there is a free Software Development Kit and end-users benefit from flashable product enhancements.


· Low priced
· Receive + transmit function,
· Standard USB interface (works on Linux, Mac OS, Windows)
· CE certified and RoHS
· Supports the largest range of sensors and devices possible (see the list below)
· Supported by a large number of Home Automation software products (see the list below)
· Does not rely on remote Internet servers holding private secure data
· Free Software Development Kit with VB.NET example available on request
· Easy integration in any application due to a simple protocol
· Firmware updates in flash memory

Supported software:

• Domoticz
• DomotiGa
• Domogik
• Ed-win
• EventGhost
• HomeAutom8
• Homeseer HS2 and HS3
• HomiDom
• HouseAgent
• Indigo
• MeteoHub
• OpenHAB
• Open Source Automation
• Beyond Measure
• Digital Home Server
• Heyu
• Mydombox.com

Supported home automation products:

• Alecto SA30, WS1200
• ATI Remote Wonder
• ATI Remote Wonder II
• A-OK, Ematronic blind motor
• Blyss
• BOFU blind motor
• Brennenstuhl
• ByeByeStandBy
• Chacon (including EMW200)
• Clas Ohlson weather sensors
• Conrad RSL2
• DI.O
• Digimax
• DomiaLite
• Düwi
• dx.com RGB LED controllers
• ebode
• ELRO AB400, AB600
• Energenie
• Harrison curtain
• Hasta blind motor
• HomeEasy HE105
• HomeEasy
• HomeEasy EU
• Ikea Koppla
• Impuls
• Intertechno
• KD101 - Chacon, NEXA, Flamingo smoke detector
• KlikAanKlikUit
• La Crosse weather sensors
• LightwaveRF, Siemens
• Livolo touch modules
• Maverick ET732
• MDremote LED dimmer
• MediaMount projector screen
• Mertik Maxitrol
• Oregon weather sensors
• THR128,THC138, THR138,THGN122N, THGR122NX, THGN123N, RGR126, UVN128, UVR128, THGN132N, THGN132ES, UV138, THGR228N, THGRN228NX, THGR238, THGR268, RTGN318, RTHN318, RTGR328N, THGR328N, RTGR368N, THGN500, RGR682, THGR918, BTHR918, BTHR918N, RGR918, STR918, WGR918, RGR928, STR928, THGR928, WGR928, BTHR968,EW109, PCR800, UVN800, WGR800, WTGR800, TGHN800, TGHN801, THGR810
• Oregon Body weight scale BWR101/BWR102/GR101
• OWL CM113, cent-a-meter, Electrisave
• OWL CM119 / CM160 / CM180 / CM180i
• PC Remote
• Phenix
• Proove
• RAEX blind motor
• Revolt
• RFXMeter
• RFXSensor
• RisingSun
• Rollertrol blind motor
• RTS10 / RFS10 / TLX1206
• Rubicson stektermometer
• Sartano
• TFA weather sensors
• Viking weather sensors
• Visonic PowerCode
• Waveman
• X10 lighting, X10 security
• X10 Ninja/Robocam
• Xdom

Further information:

For the RFXCOM RFXtrx433 user guide Click here

Free RFXCOM RFXtrx433 software

Open source home automation software for the RFXCOM RFXtrx433 can be found here

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Product Reviews

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  1. range not good

    Posted by John on 15th Jan 2014

    I have two of these at different locations. wing to lack of range, I have stopped using the one in my house for X10 and have gone back to the W800RF32. It still works very well with my temperature sensors though.
    I am using a second one remotely via a Belkin ethernet to USB hub. This keeps going down. As an electronics engineer, I prefer the simplicity of RS232 devices where high reliability is concerned.

  2. Works with my domoticz software

    Posted by Hans on 28th Jul 2013

    I can attached it to my Syno DS209 and installed Domoticz. Works like a charm.

  3. Wow!

    Posted by Mike on 4th Mar 2013

    This device is absolutely excellent! Within 5 mins of plugging in the transceiver I have control of lighting, my central heating and a couple of sockets (all home easy).

    No range issues what so ever, but my house isn't that large and I am controlling nothing within the garden yet!

    I have used the open source Domoticz software so far and that is also absolutely excellent.

  4. Dissapointed with range

    Posted by Jon on 27th Jan 2013

    The unit seems to work well with the DominaGA software I'm trying and the X10, HomeEasy and Oregon temp sensors I've tried. I would have awarded 5 stars if it's range was better.

    I can't find a location where it will work with all the X10 transmitters in the house although I can manage this with a W800RF32.

    Also it's got nowhere near the reception range of the Oregon BAA898HG weather station for receiving singals from TH(G)R228N sensors. I can manage with this limitation but it would have been nice for example to be able to monitor the greenhouse temperature with it.

    I yet to try Home Easy RF with the rxtrx433 in a central(ish) position and receivers at extremities within the house so it might be that works.

    All in all, it might be possible to find an antenna that boost the range and I'll be very happy with that but as a stock unit, in my situation, it looks as if I would need an additional reciever(s) which I think kind of defeats the object.

    Something that took me a while to work out that might be useful to others. Here's a way of using a Rasberry Pi just as a serial ethernet server (the USB driver presents the rxtrx to the system as a serial device).

    On the pi run:

    socat FILE:<serial port>,b38400,raw TCP-LISTEN:<socket port>,fork,reuseaddr

    Where serial port is the port allocated to the retrx, eg /dev/TTYUSB0 (plugging the rxtrx and in checking the output of dmesg) will give that and socket port is the port number you want to use.

    On the linux box run:

    socat pty,link=/home/<myhome>/ttyS0,b38400,raw TCP:<pi IP address>:<socket port>

    set the automation software to use /home/<myhome>/ttyS0 as the serial port.

Showing reviews 1-4 of 7 | Next

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