Green-i Products from CP Electronics

UK-Automation stocks a wide range of products that are essential to the home automation industry and as part of an ongoing series, we will be bringing you the latest updates and best-sellers from our range of suppliers.

This month, we focus on CP Electronics sensor products. We at UK-Automation stock a number of the company’s dimmers, motion sensor controls and time switches.

First here’s a brief explanation of the products and how they are useful in a home automation environment.

Electric Dimmers by CP Electronics

Green-i Single Gang PIR Dimmer Switch

Green-i Single Gang PIR Dimmer Switch

Dimmers:  these provide variable indoor lighting and are designed to save energy by reducing the wattage. The Green-i Single Gang and Double Gang PIR (passive infra-red) Dimmers are offered as an energy-saving control with features including a switch with built-in presence detector to ensure the lighting turns on/off when needed and a dimming function with remote control. The Single Gang PIR product is designed to replace a single light, whereas the Double Gang replaces a standard twin light switch or dimmer. Both come with a security mode as well as a night light mode and a stylish appearance: a white fascia plate is standard, with brushed stainless steel effect and brushed bronze effect also available. These dimmers have a switch with a built-in presence detector to ensure the lighting turns on/off when needed

The company also provide sensors: movement sensor controls are designed to automatically turn lights on when there is movement, especially useful for outdoor lighting purposes to provide safety and security or internally for controlling lighting ambience in a room.

Sensors by CP Electronics

Flush Mounted PIR Movement Sensor by Green-i

Flush Mounted PIR Movement Sensor by Green-i

Miniature batten mount PIR movement sensor by Green-i

Miniature batten mount PIR movement sensor by Green-i

The Flush Mounted PIR Movement Sensor is a low profile, flush mounted movement sensor. Providing auto on/auto off switching, most types of lighting can be accommodated with a variable time delay from 60 seconds up to 30 minutes. It has a sensing area of 6m diameter when mounted 2.8m high. Other features include adjustable Lux Level Sensing but it is NOT suitable for use with LED lights or energy saving bulbs although Eco halogen bulbs are fine.

The GIMB miniature PIR (passive infrared) movement sensor can be used outdoors as well as internally. It is specifically designed for mounting onto a batten style luminaire and comes with 1m of connection cabling. As it is IP65 rated, it can be located outside as wet and damp will not affect it, and it has a detection range of 7m diameter when located at a height of 2.8m.

Everyone wants to be green so the next product from Green-i will appeal to the sustainably-minded home enthusiast. The Green-i Energy Saving Movement Sensor Switch has an auto off and optionally set auto on feature, which means it will switch itself off in the absence of anyone in a room and can be set to automatically switch on when someone comes in range. This product can switch any lighting, heating or ventilating equipment up to 10amps (2300W at 230VAC) and can be used with any type of light bulbs.

Finally, the Green-i time lag switches – simply press the button to bring the lights on and they will then switch off automatically when you want them too!

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