Insteon Automation

Insteon Wireless Switch

Insteon Wireless Switch

If you are looking for a range of products that enhance the function of your smart home, then look no further than Insteon. According to its website, “Insteon is the most reliable and best-selling wireless home-control networking technology.” The company has been business for over 20 years, and has a worldwide reputation.

That means that products from Insteon for the connected homes, with lighting control, door and motion sensing, garage door control being amongst the most popular applications.

Dual Band

The benefits of Insteon products are they are dual-band – signals travel through the air and over electrical wires at the same time. Insteon is the only technology that uses both a meshing wireless RF network (like Z-wave) and powerlines (electrical wires) in a building like X10 for extra reliability. Users of the X10 system benefit from this as all your existing modules can still be used. And from data posted by the company, this dual-band advantage means errors are about 100 times less likely.

UK-Automation stocks a variety of Insteon products, including plug in switch module, hub, motion sensor, micro module switch, plug in lamp dimmer module, micro module dimmer, 4 button remote control, DIN rail switch, DIN rail dimmer, door or window sensor, micro module shutter switches and more.

Hubs, Dimmers, Sensors

The Insteon Hub is ideal for controlling all Insteon and X10 modules locally or using an iPhone or smartphone when not at home. It can also be set up to send warning emails or SMS if a sensor or is activated

Insteon-Motion-SensorThe Insteon motion sensor is an indoor/outdoor motion sensor for lights and appliances. Its benefits include:

  • Remote control of up to 400 INSTEON devices
  • Built-in countdown timer automatically turns lights off
  • Optional night-only mode Adjustable high/low motion sensitivity
  • Excellent range - over 150′ from nearest Access Point or RF INSTEON device

It can also be used with the Insteon Hub to trigger events or provide you with a text or email alert.


Insteon Plug in Lamp Dimmer Module

The Insteon Plug in Lamp Dimmer Module can be used to switch up to 300w of lighting. Easily installed, the operation of it couldn’t be simpler, with a button on the side for local switching and LED indication for on/off.

The benefits of this product are:

  • Easy to install plug-in module
  • 32 brightness levels and 4 ramp rates
  • Full local control (brighten/dim, on/off, and fast on/fast off)
  • Remotely controlled
  • No minimum load required

Check out the full range by visiting the company’s range at UK-Automation.

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