In the Home – fresh from CES (the world’s Largest Consumer Electronics Trade Show)

Are these “the high-techist gadgets of 2013”? (IET says they are)

The Scanadu Scout

Some people have called this the Star Trek tricorder in your pocket.  Monitor and track your body’s vital signs, such as heart rate and blood pressure, with a portable and relatively inexpensive device that connects to your smartphone.

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James Bond meets Joe Blogs

Have you every wished you had one those amazing inventions from Q, the boffin from the James Bond films. Well here’s your chance with this robotic dragonfly by TechJect a company formed by a couple of guys out of Georgia Tech’s Robotics & Intelligent Machines (RIM) Department.

The inspired from biology, Dragonfly is a remarkable 3g in weight in its basic configuration. Besides being a very clever remote controlled flying machine it has serious applications in aerial photography, advanced gaming, R&D and security. Its uses are widespread from military and law enforcement surveillance where it can be used to access difficult and dangerous situations to simple security applications where you may want to check on your home whilst you’re away. The possibilities are endless and at a price that the man in the street can afford.

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