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Perceptive Automation the producers of Indigo home automation software for the Mac, which currently controls X10 and Insteon devices, have just released the beta version of Indigo 6. This new version besides still controlling the systems already mention can now also handle Z-wave devices greatly expanding the flexibility it now offers.

Perceptive are recommending the Aeon USB Series 2 Z-Wave USB Adapter with Batteryas the interface to use with the Mac to provide communication with your Z-wave network. They have been developing Indigo 6 and currently offer support for the following:

  • Dimmer and relay devices - these are the typical switches and plug-in modules (wall-warts). Relay devices only support ON/OFF and are used to control non-dimmable loads like coffee makers, fluorescent fixtures, low-power transformers, etc. Dimmers should only be used to control dimmable loads (incandescent bulbs, dimmable LED and dimmable CFL bulbs, etc.). We’ve tested a limited quantity of these types of devices, but the Z-Wave API basic control should work across different manufacturers and models.
  • Sensors - these devices will detect some condition and report it. We’ve tested door/window sensors (contact closure) currently, and will be adding support for some motion sensors, multi-sensors, leak sensors, and temperature sensors very soon.
  • Associations - this is one of the features of Z-Wave devices that allow devices to more directly control other devices. If a device supports associations, then Indigo can help you manage them.
  • Network Healing - Indigo supports network healing (fixing routing tables) to devices during the define/sync process. A more global network healing feature will be added soon.

During the beta cycle development of Indigo 6 it’s intended that the following device support will be added for thermostats, energy monitoring, locks, improved network healing, scenes and device configuration

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