Insteon UK Launch Part 2

Insteon Installation

Insteon devices are set up using a Plug and Tap method.  The procedure to link two Insteon devices can be done manually at the devices. Although a basic system can be deployed without a controller or PC, such a device may be added for advanced home management. Some devices are able to save and restore the configuration of individual devices on the network. Continue reading

Insteon UK Launch Part 1

Introduction to Insteon

Insteon is developed in Irvine, California.  After a ‘soft launch’ in December 2012, Insteon is off to a great start in the UK.  Joe Dada, Insteon said “’We’ve been in development of 230V/50Hz products for some time.  All of the powerline products are dual-band Insteon (both powerline and RF communications)”. Continue reading

In the Home – fresh from CES (the world’s Largest Consumer Electronics Trade Show)

Are these “the high-techist gadgets of 2013”? (IET says they are)

The Scanadu Scout

Some people have called this the Star Trek tricorder in your pocket.  Monitor and track your body’s vital signs, such as heart rate and blood pressure, with a portable and relatively inexpensive device that connects to your smartphone.

Continue reading