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Marmitek X10 SC9000 Telephone Dialler with Digimax Support

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Wireless security system - with built-in voice dialler

  • Enhanced security with:
    - Tamper supervision of all security devices
  • Enhanced convenience with:
    - ARM/DISARM by telephone, built-in keypad or remote control
    - 2 security messages - alarm and system fault
  • Enhanced ease of installation:
    - Allocate detectors to your choice of zones
    - PABX compatible telephone dialler
    - Telephone numbers stored in E2


The Voice Dialler Security kit is a fully supervised system that gives you the power to protect your home whether you are at home or away. This kit is easily installed (no wires) and allows you to control the level of security at all times.

In protecting your home, your first requirement is to make sure that the burglar doesn't choose your home. The SC9000 Security System has built-in "prevention features" that make a house look lived-in. Sound via plug-in modules to a radio and/or lights can be turned on any time, whether you are at home or away.

Making your home looked lived-in will dissuade most potential burglars; if, however, the burglar is determined to enter your home, the SC9000 Security System's external motion sensors will trigger more sound, bark the electronic dog and turn on lights as the burglar approaches the house.

In the event that the burglar does break-in, the second requirement is to get him/her out of your house as quickly as possible. If a window or door sensor or motion detector is activated, sirens of 95 dBs will sound and make your house physically uncomfortable for the burglar thus forcing him/her to leave as quickly as possible. A voice dialler system will immediately call a friend or neighbor, playing your pre-recorded message indicating that there is a problem at your residence. A listen-in feature allows the friend or neighbor to hear what is going on inside the home and take appropriate action.

In protecting yourself, your home and your loved ones, the voice dialler security kit makes life more secure and more relaxed.

Technical Data

  • CE Mark
  • TBR21 approved dialler
  • 433.92 RF operating frequency.
  • 230V 50 Hz supply. 4xAA back up battery -24 hours stand-by time
  • Integral 95 dB siren
  • Monitors up to 30 sensors (door/window, motion detector and/or glass
  • break sensors), 2 hard-wired input and 16 remote comtrols
  • 6 Telephone numbers stored in non-volatile memory, 16 digits each
  • Key pad control for 16 zones or macros
  • Dimensions: L220mm -W140mm -H40mm

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