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X10 Micro Module

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  • X10 transmitter for two sequential X10 addresses (ON/OFF).
  • Built-in 16A appliance module.
  • Two-way X10 communications.
  • Two wall switches can be connected with one MicroModule. One serves the internal appliance module and also gives the X10 commands through the power line. The second wall switch is used to transmit a second X10 address (ON/OFF).
  • X10 programmable (See below)
  • Responds to or ignores All-Lights-On and All-Units-Off commands.
  • Built-in appliance module remembers its last known state between power failures or disconnections.


To Install the AWM2 MicroModule, the following wiring are required at the installation point: Live, Neutral and Load.

  • Take the wall switch out of the wall outlet.
  • Disconnect all wires from the switch.
  • Pull an additional Neutral wire if it is unavailable.
  • Connect the Live, neutral and load wires to the terminals on the MicroModule.
  • Connect the control wires to the existing wall switch(es) with the blue wire as the common.
  • Position the MicroModule against the back wall of the wall outlet behind all the wires.
  • The MicroModule is now ready for configuration.
  • Refit the wall switches at its original position after the MicroModule has been programmed.


It is not possible to programme the AWM2 via the CM11 & software. You need to programme the unit address via our 8 in 1 remote control & TM13 receiver module, once the address is set then you can control the unit via a PC. It is a quirk within the windows XP software that causes this problem & an update is planned.


  • Blue: Neutral wire (0).
  • Brown: Input 1, programmed base X-10 address plus control of the built-in appliance module. The built-in appliance module will switch from ON to OFF or vise versa when the brown wire is connected to the blue wire. At the same time, the programmed address will transmit the new status of the appliance module through the power line.
  • Red: Input 2, second address. When the red wire is connected to the blue wire, the programmed address+1 will be transmitted. eg. When A2 is programmed as the base address, the address of A3 will be transmitted. If the status on the MicroModule was ON, an OFF command will be transmitted and the other way round for OFF.

This product is CE approved for use in the EU


Dimensions: Length 47, Width 18, Height 47 mm
Supply voltage: 230V +10%/-15% 50Hz
Supply current: =< 30mA capacitive
Making capacity: 2KW (incandescent lamp)
3A (motors)
16A (resistive loads)
Signal transmission: > 5Vpp in 5Ohm at 120KHz +- 1KHz
according to EN50065-1, EN50065-2-1, EN50065-4-1
X-10 transmission: 1 pulse burst at zero and 180 degrees
Signal sensitivity: 25mVpp .. 6Vpp at 120KHz +- 4KHz
S to N ratio: 1.35:1
Connections: Up to 2.5mm square
Ambient temperature: -10C to +40C (operation), -20C to +70C (storage)
Approvals: NEN-EN-IEC 60669-2-1 and NEN-EN-IEC-60669-2-2


  • Installs behind conventional wall switches or into wall outlets because of the extremely small size of the module (minimum built-in depth 40mm, advised 50mm). The MicroModule is also suitable for installation into light fixtures, home appliances or for use in areas with limited space such as lowered ceilings.
  • Universal compatibility. No limitation in choosing brand, colour or type of any wall switches and outlets.
  • Can be used in combination with regular or momentary switches. These will be automatically recognised by the module.
  • Install two-way switches without adding additional wires in between wall switches (the MicroModule transmits their status to other modules through the power line when manually switched).
  • Execute macros and preferred scenarios with a conventional switch.

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Availability:  Usually dispatched within 1 - 3 business days

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