Beat the Energy Drain in Your Own Home

We have long lived with the mantra, Save Energy and Save the Planet, and with January’s declaration that Europe is not only to cut its greenhouse gas emissions by 40% over 1990 levels, but will also produce 27% of its energy from renewable by 2030, people in power seem to be taking it very seriously.

Multifunction Energy Meter

Multifunction Energy Meter

Paris in 2015 will play host to world governments to decide a global framework for avoiding dangerous levels of global warming but on the energy efficiency front, there seems to have been a glaring omission in targets set for the next 16 years. Indeed, it appears criticism has been quite vocal with Harry Verhaar, in a Green Wise Business article, head of global public and government affairs at Philips, saying: “The omission of a binding energy efficiency target is particularly disappointing. European policy-makers must realise that Europe will never lead on cheap energy and must lead on least consumed energy – energy efficiency is a key driver in making Europe more competitive and energy-independent.”

Matter in Hand

Salus Wireless Room Thermostat with Receiver ST320RF

Salus Wireless Room Thermostat with Receiver ST320RF

So what can we, as consumers do? One way is to ensure that your home is as energy efficient as possible, and this can be done for far less than you would imagine. Heating and ventilation are the key problems, both in terms of domestic global emissions and cost. And cost is the issue. We don’t like paying too much for energy. Energy prices are rising disproportionately to income it seems. So smart systems that can save us money, as a no-brainer.

New technologies in heating and ventilation systems will allow compressors to operate more efficiently, and these systems will therefore be more complex. For the home owner, devices controlling these home automation systems must be even more intuitive with the ability to control systems remotely from a smartphone or a web application from a remote location, via simple physical alterations in the home that will not cost the earth.

The good news is that you don’t need an expensive and extensive network of home automation systems to take advantage of energy efficient systems. Look at the Google Nest Thermostat  launched this month in the UK as an all-in-one energy saving programmer and thermostat device. This shows that there is a market for such smart devices (which Google has foreseen!)

A report published on 30th April 2014 has a stark warning: “energy bills are likely to rise twice as fast as the government forecasts this decade because households are not buying new efficient appliances that are supposed to save them money.”

Companies like UK-Automation feature energy saving devices that can easily be installed in the home. Get smart and check out an innovative generation of smart thermostat control equipment and systems that are being constantly developed with the latest technological advances and innovations.

Link to UK Automation’s ‘Energy Saving’ products

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