Sound solutions for the home – Marmitek and Opus

Sound Solutions

What I plan for this blog is to look at the different products we offer here at UK Automation and how they can be used to provide high-quality sound in your home.

Marmitek Wireless Speakers Anywhere400
This is perhaps one of the simplest installations for wireless connectivity in your home. Whether you want music in the bathroom, in the garden, in the kitchen… these are the speakers for you.

These 360o speakers are also rainwater proof and can connect to any device in your home that holds music, including Apple devices. With remote control included as standard, you don’t even need to connect them to a socket as they can be run from batteries.

If you want remote connections to different rooms, then the Marmitek GigaController 450 is your answer. Connect speakers, set-top box and your HDD-Recorder and run them from anywhere in the house using the original remote controls.


Next is the Marmitek Bluetooth Music Receiver. This device will connect to any Bluetooth enabled device, including your PC, Windows, Android and Apple equipment. simply pair it with the music device and connect it to some speakers and away you go. Remote wireless music anywhere in your home.


Here is the Marmitek BoomBoom 152 Wireless Speaker. This option is ostensibly designed to work with your iPod/iPad or iPhone, but will work fine with any Bluetooth device with a simple connector.A base tube allows a complete stereo experience with 8 hours battery life giving you hassle free music anywhere you need it.


I know this is looking a little like a blog for Marmitek, but at UK Automation we offer other solutions as well, including the Opus 300 range that offers complete wireless audio connection to multiple rooms in your home.The Opus 300 range is simple to install and offers full hi-fidelity sound through stylish ceiling and wall mounted speakers. One controller allows you to connect up to 4 rooms together and you can chain the Master Control Units for a wider distribution.

Whatever you audio requirements and no matter how large or small, square, round or odd your house is, UK Automation has a wireless speaker solution to suit. Why not visit our website or click on some of the links above to find out more?

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