My favourite new word

I would like to introduce you to my favourite new word, geekgasm! I saw it first this week as someone was slavering over the latest piece of must have technology from the Consumer Electronics Show (CES). He was getting a little more than excited about automatic home control systems.

That set me thinking, as these things do, and I realised that a lot of the devices this guy (the one having the geekgasm) and his ilk were getting excited over were just re-vamped or repackaged electronics that are already available through our website. They are cheaper through us as well as, although the geek factor is still there, this is home automation we are talking about after all, the practicalities of the sensible purchaser can also be fulfilled.

You want to pay more for the fancy plastic box, or would you like a tried and tested product that does exactly what it says on the label and at a much more acceptable price?

Ah, I hear you say, this is just a case of sour grapes – anything they can do, we can do cheaper… And perhaps you are right, I waited excitedly by the letter box for my free, sorry, complimentary, CES tickets and they just didn’t come, despite me emailing and tweeting the organisers every few minutes for the past month…

So, putting my obsessions to one side, let’s look at what the CES has to offer and how our products can provide you with the same technology now, rather than waiting for all the hype to die down and the geektastic (I just invented that one!) to move on to the next must have thing.

Wireless light switches were big at the CES, they come in all colours shapes and sizes. All well and good, but what about PIR? I want more than to be able to turn on my lights from my smartphone as I’m stuck in traffic, I want them to come on automatically when someone gets near them! Check out our range of lighting solutions, including wireless and remote control options (and yes, PIR), here.

According to the BBC another hot product is wireless cameras, cameras that give you smartphone access and live feeds. Now, the economics here are quite simple, I think. Do you want to spend around £150 for the latest must have, current coloured, wireless camera, and then pay extra for the wireless system to support it, or would you rather spend around £100 with us and add some wireless cameras to your existing system?

I know what I would go for, the latter option giving me some extra cash to spend on something else! I like spending, so anything that can save me money has to be a good thing. So, CCTV including wireless camera support can be found here.

There you go then, two of the hot products from CES matched by us. Now, if anyone can find me an outlet for 84” touch screen computer tables my inner geek will die and go to heaven a happy, happy, soul.


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