Home Automation Trends Part 7 of 7 – Integration

Home Automation Examples

Energy management

Image of Z Wave Wireless Wall Switch by DuwiNew technology in home automation is making is easier to be green and use less electricity.  As house owners look for more ways to reduce their energy bills, they can remotely monitor electricity usage as well as remotely turn off any unused lights and appliances.

Real-time notifications

You can get notifications sent to your phone as soon as something happens in your home! Whether it’s a door being unlocked, a window being opened or your lights being turned on.

Automatic timers

Home automation makes programming your home’s system easy to do yourself. You can set timers for lights, or make your door automatically once you leave the area. This ensures safety when you leave, or when you come home to a well-lit house.

Easy Video

Cameras added to your home security system are now even more useful, because you can turn them on and off from any location. You can also stream video live, or save clips for later use.

The Next Big Stage in Home Automation Development

Insteon-HubHaving dozens of different devices you can manage from your featurephone is all very well. But it isn’t viable to use dozens of different software applications to do it.

The next advance needs to be standardization to enable integration.  Once you can control every light, window, audio/visual component, security camera, and kitchen gadget from a single interface, adoption will ramp up massively.

Market Readiness for Integration

“Controlling your house with a smartphone or tablet has become huge,” echoes Mark Colegrove, director of sales for home automation supplier HomeSeer. Colegrove says HomeSeer has taken a lot more calls recently from people saying the Comcast guy has been out to their house selling an Xfinity Home system. “The awareness of home automation has gone up, for sure.”

“People are excited about the integration of things like lighting and thermostats with alarm systems, so your lights go off when you leave the house,” says Mark Walters, chairman of the Z-Wave Alliance, which promotes the wireless Z-Wave technology used by many of the service provider and DIY systems. “People are thrilled to death that they can open a garage door and more than the one light comes on, and they love the novelty of locking and unlocking doors with their phones.”