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Foresee 700 Garage Door Opener


Product Description

Finally, a replacement for our popular Merlin Prolift 230T garage door opener. The Foresee 700 opener is a fantastic product at this price point - get yours now and make your life so much easier!

This opener features:

  • Digital display and programming
  • Secure remotes with rolling code technology
  • Powerful and quiet with soft start and stop
  • Computer controlled travel, position and detection
  • Self-locking clutch ensuring the door remains secure during a power failure
  • Manual release ensuring the door can be opened during a power failure
  • Optional photocell input for additional safety
  • Courtesy light (timed) and door open alarm function
  • Standard UK 13amp 3 pin plug - No wiring required
  • Comes with 2 remote controls

See how simple it is to install this garage opener:

Technical Spec.

Rated Voltage: 220(V/AC)
Voltage Range:  220~240(V AC)
Rated Frequency: 50/60(Hz)
Max.Driving Force: 700(N)
Rated Power: 100(W)
Max. Speed: 110(mm/s)
Power Consumption(Standby): 4(W)
Operating Temperature Range: -20 ~ +40 (Deg.C) 
Light: 25W, E14

Which types of Garage door will this opener work with?

 Horizontal Tracked Doors The door guides run horizontally into the garage from the top corners of the door. There are counter balance springs on arms each side of the door. These doors are suitable to automate with all Foresee door openers.



Vertical Tracked Doors (Canopy doors)
Characterised by vertical guides fixed to the door frame sides. The counter balancing is usually by a torsion spring fixed to the top of the door frame. These doors are NOT suitable to automate with all Foresee door openers.




Sectional Doors
Sectional doors have a curved track with vertical and horizontal sections. A counter balancing torsion spring is mounted on the top of the door frame, lifting the door by cables from it's bottom corners. All Foresee openers are suitable for these doors.

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