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Motion Detector Alarm with Telephone Dialer

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A compact motion detector which is battery powered. On activation it will sound a loud built in siren and will phone up to 3 telephone numbers to notify you that the alarm has gone off. Ideal for a small property or office and also as an additional backup to existing systems

  • Motion detection alarm with telephone dialler
  • Can be used with PABX phone system
  • Powerful 125dB alarm sound
  • Detecting range: 7m 140° horizontal and 90° vertical
  • 4 Digit security code to arm/disarm the unit
  • Up to 3 programmable telephone number
  • Store voice message of up to 6 seconds
  • Exit delay 30 seconds
  • Entry delay 5 seconds
  • Alarm delay 20 seconds
  • Auto reset
  • Battery low indicator
  • Requires 4x AAA batteries (not supplied)
  • Dimensions: (WxHxD) 70x163x38mm

How the alarm works

When leaving the protected area
Press the 0 keypad number. You will hear a confirmation tone this will indicate that the alarm is armed.
You now have 30 seconds to vacate the area. After this time, if motion is detected the alarm will start to dial the stored telephone numbers and the alarm siren will sound 20 seconds after the first telephone number is dialled.

Entering the protected area 
Type in your 4-digit security code within 10 seconds and this will disarm the alarm.  When the unit is activated, it will dial the first telephone number stored.  If the first telephone number is not answered within 45 seconds the second stored number will be dialled and so on.

All three stored telephone numbers will be dialled if the unit is activated unless the security code is entered to disarm the alarm. 

Further information

pdf Click here for the PIR Alarm with Autodialler instruction manual

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