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Using X10 for lighting control

Posted by Craig Atkins on

Update - Sept 2015: When we wrote this blog post a few years ago, X10 was still the simplest and cheapest way to control your home lighting. If you're looking for a reliable entry-level control of home lighting, we recommend HomeEasy and HomeWizard by SmartWares (which are both compatible with each other). However, X10 is still useful and has a place - plus is widely installed, so we've kept this article live for your benefit!

Using X10 for lighting control

X10 is a very simple way to add advanced automation to your home lighting.

There are numerous modules and products available to control different types of lighting, and the X10 system gives you the ability to control these lights via a computer, a remote control, another X10 module/sensor or a switch.

To get started, you need to understand how X10 works - with regards to the way it switches devices by encoding a signal into your home powerline. If you don't know about that, please see our starter article here:
Using X10 for Home Automation

To add X10 control to your lights, you need to look at what type of lights you have and buy the appropriate modules.

For plug-in desk/table lamps & uplighters
With plug in lamps, you can control them with a plug-in lamp module!
We offer 2 varieties, the original X10 designed module and a 2nd generation module. The 2nd generation module offers better response to low X10 signals - so is ideal if you have a larger house or are having problems with your current X10 modules not always switching.

X10 Lamp module
X10 2G Lamp module

For ceiling lamps or wired-in lighting
For ceiling lamps, you have the choice of either changing the wall switch itself, using a hidden 'micro module' behind the existing switch, or using a wired-in lamp module.

For wall switches, you can use a dimming wall switch to give you dimming & X10 control of any connected lights.
X10 2 button wall dimmer switch

Note: if you have a non-dimmable lamp, such as a standard energy saving bulb then you can't use a dimmer switch.

To use a micro-module, or a wired in module, please see our range of modules here:
X10 lighting control - micro/inline modules

For a comparison table that explains what type of loads each module can switch, plus whether they can switch dimmable lamps or not, please see:
Marmitek X10 micro module compatibility

Of course, if you have any questions on X10 lighting control then please call us on 0845 094 0089 or drop us an email via the contact page.

Using X10 for Home Automation

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