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LED GU10 6W PAR16 Dimmable bulb


Product Description

Why buy our LED bulbs?

We often get asked can we use LED bulbs with a particular module, up to now its been a difficult question to answer, mainly because the electronics and quality of these bulbs varies greatly. So now we've sourced a range of high quality LED bulbs which we've tested with our current range of home automation devices, so you can be assured that you'll no longer have any doubt as to whether the LED bulb you bought will work. Just check the compatibilty list below before purchasing to make sure the LED light will work with your device.


  • Dimmable with conventional dimmers
  • 6w equivalent to 45w standard incandescent bulb
  • Warm white 2700K
  • GU10 fitting
  • 40deg. Beam angle
  • Life of 25,000hrs
  • Energy rating - A
  • 220-240V AC ~ 50/60Hz


Compatability tests were done with just one bulb in circuit with the dimmer. Therefore where dimmers have stated minimum loads these have been disregarded

  • Conventional Dimmers - OK
  • X10 Dimmers
    • LM12U - OK
    • LM12W - OK
    • LM2G - OK
    • LWM1P - OK
    • LMM21 - X
    • LMM22 - X
  • Z-Wave Dimmers
    • TKB Home Dimmer plug TZ67E - OK See Note #1

Note #1 Shimmering effect when running at 100% brightness which goes when dimmer set around 90%, however bulb is at brightess at this setting. Dims down from this level without issue

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