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Doorway Beam Sensor Alarm or Chime

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Product Description

Product Description:

The Doorway Beam Sensor is designed to sound a user selectable chime or alarm when someone walks through the invisible beam of infrared light. A focused infrared (IR) light beam is projected from an emitter and bounced off of a reflector which is placed at the other side of the detection area. A sensor built into the emitter detects when the infrared beam is broken by the passing of a person or the presence of an object in the path of the infrared beam. A separate speaker annunciator (included) can be set to chime or alarm to alert you that a security breech has occurred or that an object has entered or passed through the infrared beam.

Possible uses include:

  • Access control - entry detection: E.G.: Notifying store operators that a customer has entered the store
  • Home or commercial security system
  • Manufacturing process control "presence" detection of objects

This alarm system is pre-assembled and ready to use.

Alarm Features:

  • Adjustable timer & volume
  • Chime alert ("ding dong" can be set to "off")
  • Alarm alert (siren: can be set to "off")
  • Adjustable activation time (3-30 sec) and volume
  • Nominal detection range 7m
  • Approx. 9m cable between sensing unit and speaker unit, allowing remote sensing
  • 1 second duration for chime, 30 seconds for alarm
  • 9V dc, 200mA power supply included

Kit Contains:

  • 1 x retro-reflection IR photoelectric beam emitter & sensor
  • 1 x power supply 230V / 9V DC / 200mA
  • 1 x alarm speaker (timer & volume adjustable)
  • 1 x European to UK adapter plug

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