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Marmitek Door or Window Sensor for Security Systems DS91

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Product Description


  • An additional wireless Door / Window Sensor for use with the SC9000 security system (or TotalGuard / SafeGuard systems)
  • This detector uses secure X10 signals and is battery powered.
  • Needs a security base unit, we recommend the SC9000. Due to the user of secure X10 this product will not work with a TM13 transceiver module.


Common Questions

Question: Can I connect more than one magnetic contact to the transmitter of the DS91?
Answer: Yes, you can connect several magnetic contacts. The DS90 sensor has an extra input. If you want to connect more than one extra magnetic contact, you need to connect them in serial.

Question: Can I connect other alarm contacts to the transmitter of the DS91?
Answer: Yes, you can connect any type of NC (normally closed) contact to the extra input on the DS91 (e.g. smoke detectors with a NC relay contact). The extra alarm contact has its own zone number on the console.

Question: Does the tamper function of the DS90 also work on my SC2200/SC2700/SC2800 alarm system?
Answer: No, the tamper function is a specific function on the SC9000 alarm system (SafeGuard and TotalGuard).

Question: My DS91 causes a false alarm, what could be the problem?
Answer: Sometimes there are electrical currents in aluminium door and window frames. These can trigger the DS90. If this happens, it is best to use an MS90 motion detector for the room instead.
Also, check whether the distance between the transmitter and the magnetic contact is not too large.


Technical Specifications

Power: 2x AAA battery
RF range: 15 - 30m through walls and floors
Dimensions: 76 x 42 x 20mm
Frequency: 433,92 MHz

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