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Marmitek TIP10RF Smartphone to X10 Interface

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NOTE: This product is NOT suitable for use in the US due to a difference in radio frequency


The Marmitek TIP10RF smartphone to X10 interface allows you to use your smartphone or tablet to remotely control your X10 devices via your router and internet connection. It works without the need for a computer, so is ideal for controlling your X10 devices when you are away from home. The TIP10RF sends X10 RF signals out to control your devices, so you will require a TM13U Transceiver module or a CM15Pro to pick up the radio signals.

The TIP10RF is controlled from your smartphone or tablet. Currently there are Apps available for Android devices and iPhone/iPad running iOS 7.

TIP10RF Apps

google Click here for the Android App

Click here for the iPhone/iPad App

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