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How to control X10 with an iPhone, iPod, iPad or Android device

Posted by Craig Atkins on

What is X10?

X10 home automation can be used to control basically any electrical equipment you have in your home. From creating lighting scenes to switching on your coffee machine in the morning before you get up, the possabilities are limitless.

The beauty of X10 is that it doesn't require any additional wiring to make it work, it's very much a plug and play system. X10 sends its control signals through the existing wires of the electrical system. All you need is a X10 module which is suitable for the piece of electrical equipment you are trying to control. Then you need a X10 transmitter like a remote control, timer, computer control etc. to send on/off signals to the X10 module when you want it to operate. A full range of X10 modules, transmitters and devices can be found click here to see the X10 range

A question we often get asked, does the X10 module and the transmitter which is controlling it have to be on the same ring main? The answer is no, the only stipulation is that they are fed from the same electrical consumer unit or come from the same main electrical cable into the property. If your property is supplied by more than one phase (this is unusual in most domestic properties) you'll need a phase coupler

So how do I use my iPhone, iPod, iPad or Android device to control X10 devices

Now it's easier than ever to control your X10 devices remotely, all you need is the TIP10RF. This device plugs into your router or network point and is configured from the free Apple or Android App (links to this can be found on the product webpage). The only other X10 device you'll need is a transceiver like the TM13. This is because the TIP10RF transmits wireless X10 signals which need to be converted onto the powerlines for normal X10

Alternatively if you have a computer or server permanently running you may prefer to consider the following method. Firstly you'll need an app for your iPhone, iPod, iPad or Android device. There are several around but a couple which we recommend are iHomeTouch and X10 Commander. The software allows you to control your X10 devices from your iPhone, iPod, iPad or Android device. You need to download and install some server software on your PC or Mac computer, which needs a Wifi internet connection.

Plugged into your computer you will need a computer interface either the CM15Pro for USB connections or if you have a serial connection on your computer use the CM11/12.

After that just select the X10 module that best suits your needs and that's all there is to giving you control of your home whilst you're away!

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