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Marmitek X10 Two Load Lamp Dimmer Micro Module LMM32

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Product Description

The Marmitek X10 two load lamp dimmer micro module LMM32 is designed to fit behind a standard switch or momentary switch to control incandesent lighting in the range of 25 - 400W.

This module requires a neutral feed to it!


  • Suitable for 230V and low-voltage lighting with a transformer, including halogen lighting.
  • Remote control via the mains using X-10 Commands and with one or more momentary switches. 
  • Switches and dims lighting circuits up to a total of 400W. 
  • Can be used in combination with ‘designer’ switches. 
  • Soft start and smooth dimming features, remembers the last dim setting. Makes your X-10 system invisible.
  • Can be regulated from 0% lighting to the desired dim setting.
  • The module is not suitable for dimming and controlling low-energy light bulbs and tube lighting. An Appliance module should be used for these devices. 
  • Can control 2 separate loads
  • Phase and Neutral have to be available before the module can be installed. 
  • Small enough (43.25*47*21mm) to fit into a wall box behind a standard wall switch.

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