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X10 Home Automation

X10 home automation is an affordable and simple way of controlling your homes electrical equipment remotely. It is easy to setup and is basically a 'plug and play' system, however it can be used to create a sophisicated home control system at a reasonable price, for more information have a read of our articles relating to X10. You can set up simple control system or control your home using your iphone or smart phone using X10.

Haibrain who are they?

You may have seen or received from us products which are badged as 'Haibrain'. Marmitek split off their X10 business and set up a new company Haibrain for this purpose. When you purchase Marmitek or Haibrain formerly Marmitek products from us they will still be of the same high quality and will be covered by a 2 year manufacturer's warranty, so you can be sure that the same high standards will continue, even though the name has changed.